Pastor Maldonado Crashing Into Things

of varying size and position


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Anonymous asked: Hey Pastor when are you going to head back too Mcdonalds where you belong

I’m sorry you must be mistaken. I in fact work for Microsoft, where I’m responsible for testing the new version of Windows. For crashes, obviously.


Keep those questions coming, folks.

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Brief Interlude

Now seems like as good a time as any to point your oh-so-valued attention over to the little links on the right there —>

I’m sure such clever, awesome and downright sexy people like you are just bursting with ideas - so send them to me! Pastor demands it.




Pastor doesn’t care which. Just do it™.*  Now would be nice.

Oh, and if you fancy spreading the word, maybe doing a little tweet or something - that would be nice too.

Thanks :)


*Pastor is not, and never will be, sponsored by Nike™. Just so you know.

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